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Ritual Humanism, like other humanist philosophies, believes that humans are their own higher power. We believe that humans have no need for a superior being to tell them right from wrong.

Ritual Humanism will teach you skills like mindfulness, distress tolerance, acceptance, meditation, and ritual, leading you to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

Please feel free to explore our website and learn about the tenants of Ritual Humanism. There is no charge to explore most of our site. Access to some materials is restricted to members and they do not appear on the menu. If you want to leave Comments, we invite you to register free as a Guest.

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If you are new to our website we suggest you start reading with Our Birth and the pages that follow. Next, study The Five Aspects of  Ritual Humanism Mindfulness, Emotions, Acceptance, Ritual, and Mastery. We suggest that you read them in order starting with Mindfulness.

By accumulating what verifiable knowledge of human behavior she could find, Tarolyn has created a philosophy called Ritual Humanism. In bringing together the latest, most empirical, information she could find about how our mind and body works, she has apparently created a new worldwide movement. This website is just the beginning, Just how fast it grows and in how it will be implemented, will be up to you future Ritual Humanists. We are asking our readers for support as we grow.  We need you to become involve at every level ranging from board member to interested reader. We want you to become involved in our philosophy of self-improvement. You can start by taking a Self-Soothing Ritual Bath or by printing out a Mandala and coloring it. We want your suggestions, comments, and help.

Our founders are not able to fund our expansion on their own. To continue to expand and improve our website and start outreach programs, we will need your financial help through donations and/or paid membership. You can check out our new website for free. However, if you think Ritual Humanism will benefit you, we would appreciate your participation.

To facilitate your financial help we incorporated in Washington State as a non-profit. We will be applying for 501(c3) status soon. At the moment, your donations are not tax-deductible, but when we are approved, all donations' tax exemption status will backdate to July 30, 2015.

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Click here to learn about The Birth of Ritual Humanism.

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