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On this page you can choose your Ritual Humanism membership plan. For now we have four levels of involvement. The first free level is Visitor which restricts your access and involvement. The second free level is called call Guest. To submit Comments, you have to register as a Guest with your Name and Email address. However, you will be restricted from viewing member only content.

Paid membership has two levels, Voting and Non-Voting. When we incorporated Ritual Humanism we decided that we would have Voting Members who could vote on actions submitted to them by our Board. (For example the Voting Membership could be asked if the Board should be expanded to include two people selected by the Voting Members.) We decided to separate those who just want to read and learn from those who want to actively participate in our future by charging the Voting Members more. Over time we expect to offer unique benefits to Voting Members but for now they can only look forward to receiving an announcement of our first Annual Board Meeting in July of 2016.

If you want to continue with your free access as a Visitor just click Home.

If you want to be able to submit Comments, you can register for free as a Guest. 

Becoming a paid member is a two step process. First, you must register as a Guest if you are not already one. This establishes your user account with name, email address, and password. Then in the second step you select the membership level and its payment terms by selecting one of the buttons below. You will be transferred to PayPal for payment and PayPal will send us the information needed to upgrade your membership.

If you are already registered as a Guest your registration information is displayed below. You can make any changes that you want and save them. Then select a PayPal button to upgrade your status and arrange payment.

If the is no information displayed below, you will have to first register as a Guest, then log in with you new ID and password and return to this page.


Our membership program does not provide for selecting payment options within a single PayPal Button. So the Membership Levels and payment plan will be determined by which button you select. Upon completion of your PayPal transaction you will be returned to our Members Home Page.

Level 1  Basic Non-Voting Membership. This level of membership allows you to access most of the material on the website. This level does not allow you participate by voting on Corporate matters.

This button is for a one year of Non-Voting Membership for $25.00. You will be reminded to renew before expiration.

This button is for continuing Non-Voting Membership billed at $5.00 every two months. This Membership will continue until you cancel or stop paying.

Level 2 Voting Membership. This level of membership allows you access to all of the materials on our website. This level allows you participate by voting on Corporate matters and to express your views on other matters. (i.e. we will give your unsolicited input serious consideration)

This button is for continuing Voting Membership billed at $50.00 per year. This Membership will continue until you cancel or stop paying.

This button is for a continuing Voting Membership billed at $5.00 per month ($60/year). This Membership will continue until you cancel or stop paying.


This button is for a Patron with a Lifetime Voting Membership for a one time donation of $500.00 or more.



This page is not finished. We need to add instructions and buttons for membership upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, and whatever. All the membership buttons above are working so go ahead and join us. If you have any problems you can contact us via the Comments form below. For cancellations or any money concern, contact PayPal. One of the reasons we use PayPal is to utilize their expertise at safely handling your money.

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