Questions & Answers

We just added this page to answer some questions that we have previously been asked, expect to be asked, and are being asked by our readers via the comment form below. We just started this page so the list is quite short for now.

Q. Are you a religion?

A. No.

Q. How does Ritual Humanism differ from other Humanistic philosophies?

A. Ritual Humanism differs from other Humanistic philosophies in that Tarolyn realized that these philosophies lacked the component of Ritual.

Q. How does Ritual Humanism differ from Atheism and Agnosticism?

A. Both Atheism and Agnosticism focus on the non-existence of a god. Ritual Humanism, like other humanist philosophies, believes that humans are their own higher power and we have no need for a superior being to tell us right from wrong. Ritual Humanism is a positive philosophy that will teach you skills like mindfulness, distress tolerance, acceptance, meditation and ritual, leading you to live a richer and more fulfilling life.


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