Skills Ritual Humanism Will Teach You

The Five Aspects of Ritual Humanism:


  • A way of analyzing competing needs and forming better compromises.
  • An approach that places great focus on your feeling as valid pieces of information.
  • A series of exercises that helps you to understand the function of your emotions increasing your knowledge of yourself.
  • Strategies to reduce self-absorption and self-consciousness, thus increasing your ability to accurately perceive events.


  • Skills to increase your ability to tolerate emotional pain.
  • Self-soothing skills to reduce tension and crisis in your life.
  • Rituals that will calm you brain by activating the sympathetic nervous system.
  • A set of techniques that help you better deal with your feelings.


  • A set of procedures that assist you to reduce avoidance and escape as core strategies in handling emotional difficulties.
  • Strategies to reduce urgency and impulsivity, thus improving your judgment.


  • Rituals that will help you gain mastery over specific problems like organization, self-discipline, teaching yourself confidence and directing your sub-conscience to problem solve in these areas.
  • Ritual to calm and retrain you brain into thinking about the things that will make your life reasonably happy.


  • A set of strategies that places greatest emphasis on your own objectives.
  • Behavioral techniques that increase your ability to tabulate and control your emotions.
  • Processes that increase your comfort with your identity, reducing self-blame.
  • Instructions to help you determine your core values.

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The Five Aspects of Ritual Humanism® are listed in order on our menu. We suggest that you read them in order starting with Mindfulness.